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Let me take the time before discussing our topic, I know you’re desperate trying to find the right working tools and equipment to start your YouTube Channel or maybe, you’re trying to get more subscribers. But no one is going to understand you clearly and closely as MFama Tv does, and let me tell you […]


Many content creators, or those who want to start on the YouTube platform, need an appropriate work team to make their videos or blogs. To this we must add software to edit the material, good lighting equipment for high quality videos and photos. And yes, I said High Quality videos and photos. Let’s just think […]


We come from places and people who have turned their back on us, sometimes the circumstances were against us. But the truth is that, there is light at the end of the tunnel, after the storm comes the calm. Any problem and difficulty you may have, has a solution. We won. You also can. We […]

Todo sobre el “Abuso Infantil” y como evitarlo

Por: Marcelo Aguilar ¿Es posible que un padre o una madre no quieran a su hijo? Este es sin duda un tema peliagudo y difícil de abordar, de hecho, es un tema del que no se habla y del que podemos encontrar muy poca información como si de un tabú se tratara.  Tendemos a negar […]


Because the best moments of your life are day by day. We MFama Tv believe that good actions must be done today, because tomorrow is too late, and yesterday does not matter. Gandhi once said: Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, […]

My Purpose In Life

Today, we use the terms passion, purpose and life purpose interchangeably. Confusion of terms confuses thought. Advice to live your passion, purpose or life purpose is pitched at you in this confusing language by friends, authors, celebrities, and meme makers. The popular meaning is that passion, purpose and life purpose are emotionally based. The popular […]

#1 Powerful Secret to save your RELATIONSHIP !WATCH!

Yes, love can be selfish when it’s not tempered with trust, because it’s a deeply personal experience and emotion. Love is powerful, and easy to get caught up in to the point where you forget to fully take your partner’s feelings into account because you’re so swept up in your own. Whereas, as Rhodes explains, […]

About us

MFama TV, was born in the United States of America in the state of New York, aims to treat the sad testimonies of the life of our society. With the desire to be able to talk about topics that really help us to be good people, and not parasites. We want to live off of […]

La mentira de las personas que piden dinero en la calle.

por: Marcelo Aguilar El otro día uno de mis compañeros de la universidad, me criticó de manera alterada por haberle negado dinero a una persona en la calle. El problema empezó cuando caminado por las calles del Times Square en la ciudad de New York, se me puso de frente un señor que pedía dinero […]

Endeudados y en Crisis

Los pobres son pobres por la poca visión en la vida y el desperdicio de oportunidades en la vida. Por. Marcelo Aguilar. Siempre me he preguntado en la vida, como es que países como el mío (Ecuador), el salario mínimo mensual de este año 2019 es de USD $394.00. . La gente mal gaste […]