About us

MFama TV, was born in the United States of America in the state of New York, aims to treat the sad testimonies of the life of our society. With the desire to be able to talk about topics that really help us to be good people, and not parasites.

We want to live off of sensationalism, and avoid using the freedom of speech as a weapon to harm others, with the excuse to say, “I only exercise my right and give my opinion”. Social media they are very good tools in our era but in the hands of irresponsible people it can turn into a lethal weapon. This is where MFama Tv, tries to open a dialogue with our experiences to understand the core of so much problems.

I am Marcelo and I am…MFama Tv.

Originally from Quito – Ecuador and settled in the United States for years, he has dedicated his profession (teacher), to give lectures and motivational talks for young people of this century

Melissa, born in the USA, of German father, Irish mother, have put of her time, to work as a missionary, motivator and above all with her career of liberal art she has formed a work team so that we can all enjoy a job with objectivity and professionalism.  

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