Resident Evil Village | Reveled Where Is It Set?

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The question we are going to discuss today is: is Resident Evil Village connected with Resident Evil 4. True or False? And What does Resident Evil Village reveal to us if it really has a connection to Resident Evil 4? The truth is going to surprise you.   

Resident Evil Maiden and Showcase, it was a spanking to all the critics, who thought that this game was going to be a copy of Biohazard. But no. Graphics, story, vampires, and werewolves are just the beginning of the terror.

To answer the question if it is true Resident Evil Village is related to Resident Evil 4. Let’s analyze the latest news that will give us the guidelines to get to that revelation.

Resident Evil Village Actress Dies, Aged 39

Actress Jeanette Maus, who appeared in numerous movie and TV projects in the span of a decade in the industry, died Sunday at age 39, a Southern California school where she taught announced. Maus was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. Deadline reported.

Capcom, the developer, and publisher of the best-selling video game franchise paid its condolences on Twitter. “We here at Capcom R&D 1 are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Jeanette Maus, the talented actress who helped bring several different characters, including our witches to the world in Resident Evil Village. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.” Also, the Instagram account for drama school John Rosenfeld Studios paid tribute.

Collector’s Edition Costs $1800

Capcom are yet to officially reveal the Collector’s Edition for Resident Evil Village but thanks to a listing on e-capcom, we have a first look at everything that is included in this fancy but pricey package.

Resident Evil Village the Collector’s Edition includes:

  1. Resident Evil Village game
  2. Resident Evil RE: Verse
  3. A figure of Chris Redfield
  4. Artbook Village of Shadows
  5. Replica of Chris Redfield’s coat
  6. A trauma pack.
  7. Poster of the game world

Official Release Date

Resident Evil Village hits PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC on May 7, developer Capcom revealed during a livestream. There is also an intriguing new trailer and the first taste of gameplay, as various editions of the game went up for preorder.

Those who own a PS5 were lucky enough to get an exclusive playable demo, in which the player will play as a character called the Maiden, those who don’t own a PS5, don’t worry there will be another demo coming out for you in the spring. Those of you who buy the PS4 or Xbox One version, you will be able to upgrade to the next-gen one for free.

Showcase and Demo Reveals Major Secrets

If you took notes in the streaming of Resident Evil Village showcase this past January 21. And if, you noticed Village takes up some classic data characteristic of Resident evil 1, 2 and 3. For example:

Ammunition and weapon inventory: We all remember the first installment of this video game, and how useful it was to know how to use the inventory of weapons and objects. It was very tiring to have to go back to a mirror for a key or more ammunition.

But what is crazy interesting is Resident Evil Village has the same Resident Evil 4 inventory style.

The Puzzles: Solving the riddles and puzzles in Resident Evil Village are remarkably like the first part. Who does not remember the tiger puzzle?

Or who has forgotten about the statues with the medallions in resident evil 2?

And these are just a few similarities that this game has with the previous installments. Everything is telling us that it seems that there is something more that this story in the village wants to tell us.. Attractive, yes attractive, I’m a gamer and a fan of resident evil, what can I do?

But the scariest memories of resident evil are yet to come. Finally let’s answer the question we all are waiting for.

Does The Village Have Strong RE 4 Connections?

The answer is yes…

Everything seems that there is something more than this story in the village wants to tell us.

Resident Evil 8 will include a Merchant. A popular fixture of Resident Evil 4, The Merchant is a mysterious supplier of rare weapons, items, and other odd things to help you along in your journey. Resident Evil 8’s seller is called The Duke, operating a store called The Duke’s Emporium that will open its doors to you at set points throughout the game.

All the relevant characters in this game are related to sorcery, vampires, werewolves, mythical monsters, sects. Prepare the platform of the occultism. In the same way as the delivery, Resident Evil 4. But we hope Village maintains the Victorian horror atmosphere if possible.

The Village Location

While we don’t for a second believe that Village and the rumored 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4 are one and the same.

Many are certainly of the assumption that something bigger is afoot here. The exact geographical location of Ethan and Mia’s new home has yet to be revealed, remember, suggesting that the answer holds some sort of significance. Could Village take place in the very same area of Spain that Leon infiltrated years prior to save Ashley from the clutches of Saddler and his Las Plagas-infected cronies?

It’s certainly possible. Leon and the US government weren’t the only two parties aware of what took place in 2005 and while the Plagas outbreak was originally contained, who’s to say the parasite hasn’t resurfaced yet again? Somewhat of a stretch, for sure, but if this and last year’s remakes of classic Resident Evil games has made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that Capcom wants to make the series’ overarching narrative more cohesive, and this could just be the latest step in that campaign.

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